About us

We are a team based in Moldova activating in the area of the civil drones. We started in 2014 to build up the knowledge in the field, with the goal in mind to implement solutions for the parcel delivery by drones. We got the idea for an innovative concept of efficient drone. For that purpose we designed our own flight controller, which supports the new frame concept, as well as standard multicopters configuration. During the time we saw a lack of unified solution for the network of drones. A system which would allow visualizing all the drones and interacting with your owns. That boosted us to start working in this direction. The conjucture was also facilitated by the fast emerging IoT mobile communication standards. We defined a plan, and started to work on the Internet of Drones platform, which we called DroneRoute.

Here is short history about our evolution:

Mid of 2014

We defined our own concept for the multicopter frame, which is more efficient and enables higher speed

End of 2014

We achieved the first version of own flight controller based on two-core processor, main one for control loop and auxiliary for low priority tasks

Mid of 2015

We performed successful flights with our flight controller using standard multicopter configurations

End of 2015

We got the first version of the multicopter based on our concept, which we called Ptera

Mid of 2016

We performed successful flights with Ptera drone

September 2016

We presented our drone design at exhibition organized by ESA center in Noordwijk, Netherlands

October 2016

The patent for our innovative octocopter design was granted

April 2017

Icevo became associated partner of edrone project, http://www.edrone.unisannio.it/

Feb 2018

Launched campaign on Indiegogo for the DroneRoute platform crowdfunding

Own concept of multicopter frame

Own flight controller

Patent for innovative octocopter design

Associated partner of eDrone project

World's first Internet of Drones