Designed to connect the drone to the internet, it support IoT standards LTE Cat M1 and LTE Cat NB1. The DroneRoute device uses smallest IoT modem SARA-R4 and accurate GNSS SAM-M8Q from renown U-Blox swiss company. It supports bidirectional encrypted communication within the DroneRoute platform. The device can work standalone in the monitor mode, self-powered from own battery. It can also be supplied directly from drone's battery up to 7 serial cells. With the adaptive monitor rate, depending on the speed, the DroneRoute device is highly power efficient. It provides the GNSS messages in NMEA format to the flight controller, which disables the need of another GNSS for the route control. Additionally the DroneRoute device supports commands to the flight controller for the route set and update.

  • LTE Modem:  U-Blox SARA-R4
  • Supported IoT standards:  LTE Cat M1, LTE Cat NB1
  • GNSS module:  U-Blox SAM-M8Q
  • Position accuracy:  2.5m
  • Constellations:   GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Power autonomy:  350mAh LiIon battery
  • Communication:  encrypted bidirectional
  • User Interface:  DroneRoute web application
  • Unique ID:  one time programmable
  • Adaptive monitor rate:  function of speed
  • Port to flight controller: UART 115kBaud
  • Output GNSS messages:  NMEA format
  • Operating supply voltage:   4.5 to 29.5V
  • Operating temperature range:   -20 to +85°C
  • Size L x W x H:   52x52x12mm



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